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Problematic Skin Facial... $80
This deep-cleaning facial targets problem skin by unclogging pores, reducing oil secretion, and eliminating impurities.

Teen Clarifying Facial
... $60
This facial is designed specifically to give teens a flawless complexion and introduce them to a proper skin care regimen.

Express Facial
... $50
The Express Facial is a half-hour facial that is ideal for renewing and refreshing the skin when you’re on a time crunch.


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Lotus Signature Facial... $70
Our signature facial is customized for each unique individual and includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation with botanical products. Extractions are included if needed, followed by the mask that is best suited to your skin type. This facial is designed to renew and awaken your skin.

Lotus Rejuvenating Facial
... $80
This rejuvenating facial is an anti-aging treatment that puts the life back into dull skin and restores the face by improving skin elasticity and collagen.  

Simply Sensitive Facial
... $80
The Simply Sensitive Facial is a calming treatment ideal for sensitive skin and clients suffering from rosacea.